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Texts associated with “Ήι

“Ήι dao4 xuan1 ‚Η‚€‚Ή‚ρ

There is a total of 23 texts associated with “Ήι in this database:

Texts associated with “Ήι are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T40N1804 Žl•ͺ—₯™ˆ”Ι•β荍sŽ–ηβ
  2. T40N1806 Žl•ͺ—₯”δ‹uŠά’‰ϊ–{
  3. T40N1808 Žl•ͺ—₯™ˆ•β笋@γΉ–
  4. T45N1892 θ’†‘n—§‰ϊ’dš€γS›σ˜
  5. T45N1893 ŸΔSζrζV–@
  6. T45N1894 ηΧ–εΝ•ž‹V
  7. T45N1895 —Κ™|ηjd‹V
  8. T45N1896 ηΧ–εŸdŒh˜σ
  9. T45N1897 ‹³ζrV›{”δ‹usŒμ—₯‹V
  10. T45N1898 —₯‘ŠŠ΄’Κ™B
  11. T45N1899 ’†“VŽ±δq‰qš ‹_c0-aca7Ž›š€γS
  12. T50N2041 ηΧ‰ήŽ•ˆ
  13. T50N2060 γ”‚‘m™B
  14. T51N2088 ηΧ‰ή•ϋŽu
  15. T52N2103 œAO–ΎW
  16. T52N2104 WŒΓ‘˜Ε“Ή˜_t
  17. T52N2106 W_BŽO›Š΄’Κ˜^
  18. T52N2107 “Ήι—₯ŽtŠ΄œδ˜^
  19. T55N2149 ‘ε“‚“ΰ“T˜^
  20. T55N2150 γ”‘ε“‚“ΰ“T˜^
  21. Z0640050 Žl•ͺ”δ‹u“ςηβ
  22. Z0710059 Žl•ͺ—₯E”ω“ς‹`ηβ ’AŒ‡‰Ί“ρ
  23. Z1050096 —Κ™|ηjd‹V

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