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T40N1808 Žl•ͺ—₯™ˆ•β笋@γΉ–

si4 fen1 lü4 shan1 bu3 sui2 ji1 jie2 mo2


Alternative title: Žl•ͺ™ˆ•βη¬ηnγΉ–  si4 fen1 shan1 bu3 sui2 zi1 jie2 mo2

—₯‘`•”  “‚ 
“Ήι dao4 xuan1 ‚Η‚€‚Ή‚ρ  [W]   2 Šͺ

Canonical Sources

CanonVol.Nr.PageSource Texts
’†‰Ψ041H10040645-0679 ‹ΰδhœAŸŽ›–{

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Structural Division

  1. W–@‰¬•Ρ ji2 fa3 yuan2 cheng2 pian1
  2. ”ŠEŒ‹‰π•Ρ zhu1 jie4 jie2 jie3 pian1
  3. ”‰ϊŽσŽΜ•Ρ zhu1 jie4 shou4 she3 pian1
  4. ˆίεZŽσŸΔ•Ρ yi1 yao4 shou4 jing4 pian1
  5. ”ΰ‰ϊ–@•Ρ zhu1 shuo1 jie4 fa3 pian1
  6. ”Oˆΐ‹–@•Ρ zhu1 zhong4 an1 ju1 fa3 pian1
  7. ”Ž©œ“–@•Ρ zhu1 zi4 zi4 fa3 pian1
  8. ”•ͺˆί–@•Ρ zhu1 fen1 yi1 fa3 pian1
  9. ”ί–Ε–@•Ρ zhu1 zui4 mie4 fa3 pian1
  10. θΆ–@ZŽ•Ρ za2 fa3 zhu4 chi2 pian1

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