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Texts associated with 世親菩薩

世親菩薩 shi4 qin1 pu2 sa4 せしんぼさつ

There is a total of 14 texts associated with 世親菩薩 in this database:

Texts associated with 世親菩薩 are known in the following periods/areas:
元魏   東晉  

  1. T21N1361 六門陀羅尼經論
  2. T25N1512 金剛仙論
  3. T25N1513 能斷金剛般若波羅蜜多經論釋
  4. T29N1560 阿毘達磨倶舍論本頌
  5. T31N1586 唯識三十論頌
  6. T31N1590 唯識二十論
  7. T31N1595 攝大乘論釋
  8. T31N1596 攝大乘論釋論
  9. T31N1597 攝大乘論釋
  10. T31N1600 辯中邊論
  11. T31N1607 六門教授習定論
  12. T31N1609 大乘成業論
  13. T31N1612 大乘五蘊論
  14. T32N1655 止觀門論頌

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