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The state of the northern Wei, 0386-0534.

The following 17 translators or authors have been active in this period or area, producing a total of 146 texts:

αΨ“ά”ΚŽα—¬Žx qu2 tan2 ban1 zang4 liu2 zhi1 ‚­‚Η‚ρ‚Ν‚ρ‚Ι‚α‚ι‚΅ 12
˜Ε‘ɐ fo2 tuo2 shan4 duo1 ‚Τ‚Α‚Ύ‚Ή‚ρ‚½ 7
ŒdζS hui4 jue2 ‚¦‚©‚­ 1
‹g‰ή–ι ji2 jia1 ye4 ‚«‚Α‚©‚β 5
“ά—j tan2 yao4 ‚Η‚ρ‚ζ‚€ 3
ŒŽ”kŽρ“ί yue4 po2 shou3 na3 ‚ͺ‚‚΂΅‚γ‚Θ 3
•μ’ρ—¬Žx pu2 ti2 liu2 zhi1 ‚Ϊ‚Ύ‚’‚ι‚΅ 29
•μ’ρ—¬Žu pu2 ti2 liu2 zhi4 ‚Ϊ‚Ύ‚’‚ι‚΅ 25
“ά–€—¬Žx tan2 mo2 liu2 zhi1 ‚Η‚ρ‚ά‚ι‚΅ 2
”ω–Ϊ’qε pi2 mu4 zhi4 xian1 ‚Ρ‚ΰ‚­‚Ώ‚Ή‚ρ 6
”ΚŽα—¬Žx ban1 zang4 liu2 zhi1 ‚Ν‚ρ‚Ι‚α‚ι‚΅ 2
’e•μŽF shi4 qin1 pu2 sa4 ‚Ή‚΅‚ρ‚Ϊ‚³‚Β 14
—΄Žχ•μŽF long2 shu4 pu2 sa4 ‚θ‚γ‚€‚Ά‚γ‚Ϊ‚³‚Β 18
“Ve•μŽF tian1 qin1 pu2 sa4 ‚Δ‚ρ‚Ά‚ρ‚Ϊ‚³‚Β 15
”k–χžΟ“€•μŽF po2 sou3 pan2 dou4 pu2 sa4 ‚Ξ‚»‚Ξ‚ρ‚Η‚Ϊ‚³‚Β 2
”k–χžΟ“€ po2 sou3 pan2 dou4 ‚Ξ‚»‚Ξ‚ρ‚Η 1
—kεΘ”V yang2 xuan4 zhi1 ‚ζ‚€‚°‚ρ‚΅ 1

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