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Texts associated with 佛陀扇多

佛陀扇多 fo2 tuo2 shan4 duo1 ぶっだせんた

There is a total of 7 texts associated with 佛陀扇多 in this database:

Texts associated with 佛陀扇多 are known in the following periods/areas:
元魏 後漢 後魏 

  1. T03N0179 銀色女經
  2. T14N0576 佛説轉有經
  3. T17N0835 如來師子吼經
  4. T19N1015 佛説阿難陀目c0-ca5d尼呵離陀隣尼經
  5. T21N1344 金剛上味陀羅尼經
  6. T24N1496 佛説正恭敬經
  7. T31N1592 攝大乘論

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