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Texts associated with 瞿曇般若流支

瞿曇般若流支 qu2 tan2 ban1 zang4 liu2 zhi1 くどんはんにゃるし

There is a total of 12 texts associated with 瞿曇般若流支 in this database:

Texts associated with 瞿曇般若流支 are known in the following periods/areas:
元魏 後魏  東魏 

  1. T03N0162 金色王經
  2. T12N0339 得無垢女經
  3. T12N0354 毘耶所問經
  4. T13N0421 奮迅王問經
  5. T14N0429 佛説八部佛名經
  6. T14N0578 無垢優婆夷問經
  7. T15N0645 不必定入定入印經
  8. T17N0721 正法念處經
  9. T17N0823 佛説一切法高王經
  10. T17N0833 第一義法勝經
  11. T30N1565 順中論義入大般若波羅蜜經初品法門
  12. T31N1588 唯識論

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