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Texts associated with ^’ϊ

^’ϊ zhen1 di4 ‚΅‚ρ‚Ύ‚’

There is a total of 32 texts associated with ^’ϊ in this database:

Texts associated with ^’ϊ are known in the following periods/areas:
’Β —ΐ 

  1. T01N0097 œA‹`–@–εγS
  2. T08N0237 ‹ΰ„”ΚŽα”g—…–¨γS
  3. T16N0669 ˜Εΰ–³γˆΛγS
  4. T16N0677 ˜Εΰ‰πίγS
  5. T24N1461 —₯“ρ\“ρ–Ύ—Ή˜_
  6. T24N1482 ˜Εˆ’”ω“άγS
  7. T26N1528 ŸΈžΟγS–{—L‘–³˜σ˜_
  8. T26N1529 ˆβ‹³γS˜_
  9. T29N1559 ˆ’”ω’B–‹δδqηט_
  10. T30N1584 Œˆ’θεU˜_
  11. T31N1587 ηzŽ―˜_
  12. T31N1589 ‘ε˜©—BŽ―˜_
  13. T31N1593 ‘ε˜©˜_
  14. T31N1595 ‘ε˜©˜_ηΧ
  15. T31N1599 ’†η²•ͺ•Κ˜_
  16. T31N1610 ˜Ε«˜_
  17. T31N1616 \”ͺ‹σ˜_
  18. T31N1617 ŽO–³«˜_
  19. T31N1618 θϋŽ―˜_
  20. T31N1619 –³‘ŠŽvo˜_
  21. T31N1620 ‰πŒž˜_
  22. T32N1633 ”@›‰˜_@”½ŽΏ“ο•i
  23. T32N1641 η¬‘Š˜_
  24. T32N1644 ˜Εΰ—§’ˆ’”ω“ά˜_
  25. T32N1647 Žl’ϊ˜_
  26. T32N1656 ›s‰€³˜_
  27. T32N1666 ‘ε˜©‹NM˜_
  28. T32N1669 ‘ε@’nŒΊ•Ά–{˜_
  29. T49N2032 \”ͺ•”˜_
  30. T49N2033 •”Ž·ˆΩ˜_
  31. T50N2049 ”k–χžΟ“€–@Žt™B
  32. T54N2137 ‹ΰŽ΅\˜_

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