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The Liang dynasty of the Xiao clan, 0502-0557.

The following 15 translators or authors have been active in this period or area, producing a total of 78 texts:

^’ú zhen1 di4 ‚µ‚ñ‚¾‚¢ 32
”n–•ìŽF ma3 ming2 pu2 sa4 ‚߂݂傤‚Ú‚³‚ 9
ŒŽ”kŽñ“ß yue4 po2 shou3 na3 ‚ª‚‚΂µ‚ã‚È 3
™Ö‘É—…å man4 tuo2 luo2 xian1 ‚Ü‚ñ‚¾‚点‚ñ 3
‘m‰¾”k—… seng1 jia1 po2 luo2 ‚»‚¤‚¬‚á‚΂ç 12
Ž¸ æ¡ shi1 yi4 1
–¾‹J ming2 hui1 ‚݂傤‚« 1
—D”g’ꍹ you1 bo1 di3 sha1 ‚¤‚΂Ă¢‚µ‚á 1
–@‰_ fa3 yun2 ‚Ù‚¤‚¤‚ñ 2
›—º bao3 liang4 ‚Ù‚¤‚è‚傤 2
”‘å–@Žt zhu1 da4 fa3 shi1 ‚µ‚傾‚¢‚Ù‚¤‚µ 1
•ì’ñ’B– pu2 ti2 da2 mo2 4
‘m—S seng1 you4 ‚»‚¤‚䂤 3
Œd᧠hui4 jiao3 ‚¦‚±‚¤ 1
›¥ bao3 chang4 ‚Ù‚¤‚µ‚傤 3

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