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Texts associated with 僧伽婆羅

僧伽婆羅 seng1 jia1 po2 luo2 そうぎゃばら

There is a total of 12 texts associated with 僧伽婆羅 in this database:

Texts associated with 僧伽婆羅 are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T08N0233 文殊師利所説般若波羅蜜經
  2. T11N0314 佛説大乘十法經
  3. T12N0358 度一切諸佛境界智嚴經
  4. T14N0430 八吉祥經
  5. T14N0468 文殊師利問經
  6. T16N0659 大乘寶雲經
  7. T19N0984 孔雀王呪經
  8. T19N1016 舍利弗陀羅尼經
  9. T24N1491 菩薩藏經
  10. T32N1648 解脱道論
  11. T50N2043 阿育王經
  12. Z0030736 二十八夜叉大軍王名號

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