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Texts associated with 竺佛念

竺佛念 zhu2 fo2 nian4 じくぶつねん

There is a total of 12 texts associated with 竺佛念 in this database:

Texts associated with 竺佛念 are known in the following periods/areas:
前秦  符秦 姚秦 

  1. T01N0001 長阿含經
  2. T04N0212 出曜經
  3. T08N0226 摩訶般若鈔經
  4. T10N0309 最勝問菩薩十住除垢斷結經
  5. T12N0384 菩薩從兜術天降神母胎説廣普經
  6. T12N0385 中陰經
  7. T12N0388 大雲無想經(卷第九)
  8. T16N0656 菩薩瓔珞經
  9. T22N1428 四分律
  10. T24N1464 鼻奈耶
  11. T24N1485 菩薩瓔珞本業經
  12. T26N1543 阿毘曇八鍵度論

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