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Texts associated with ˆÀ‘R

ˆÀ‘R an1 ran2 ‚ ‚ñ‚Ë‚ñ

There is a total of 14 texts associated with ˆÀ‘R in this database:

Texts associated with ˆÀ‘R are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T55N2176 ”ˆ¢è‹—œ^Œ¾–§‹³•”—Þã`˜^
  2. T61N2228 ‹à„•ôžêŠtˆêØàï‹_ãSCs–@
  3. T74N2381 •’ÊŽö•ìŽF‰úœAç×
  4. T75N2390 ‘ÙåUŠE‘å–@›”Žó‹L
  5. T75N2391 ‹à„ŠE‘å–@›”Žó‹L
  6. T75N2392 ‘hŽ»’n›”Žó‹L
  7. T75N2393 æV’†‰@ï’莖‹ÆŸó’¸‹ï‘«Žx•ª
  8. T75N2394 ‘å“úãS‹Ÿ—{Žæu•s“¯
  9. T75N2395A ‹³Žžæy
  10. T75N2395B ‹³Žžæy˜_
  11. T75N2396 ^Œ¾@‹³Žž‹`
  12. T75N2397 ‘ÙåU‹à„•ì’ñS‹`—ª–â“šçâ
  13. T84N2702 Ž»“ÜåU
  14. T84N2703 Ž»“܏\“ñ—á

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