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Texts associated with Œd‰“

Œd‰“ hui4 yuan3 ‚¦‚¨‚ρ

There is a total of 12 texts associated with Œd‰“ in this database:

Texts associated with Œd‰“ are known in the following periods/areas:
‚κŽ η δ@ 

  1. T28N1550 ˆ’”ω“ܐS˜_
  2. T37N1745 –³—ΚšζγS‹`‘`
  3. T37N1749 ζV–³—ΚšζγS‹`‘`
  4. T37N1764 ‘ε”ΚŸΈžΟγS‹`‹L
  5. T38N1776 ˆΫ–€‹`‹L
  6. T39N1793 ‰·ŽΊγS‹`‹L
  7. T44N1843 ‘ε˜©‹NM˜_‹`‘`
  8. T44N1851 ‘ε˜©‹`Ν
  9. T45N1856 ”΅–€—…Y–@Žt‘ε‹`
  10. Z0300551 Ÿι‘γS‹`‹Lγ Œ‡‰Ί
  11. Z0610403 ’nŽ˜_‹`‹L ’AŒ»‘Ά
  12. Z0710265 \’nγS˜_‹`‹L

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