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Texts associated with ‘P–³ˆΨ

‘P–³ˆΨ shan4 wu2 wei4 ‚Ί‚ρ‚ή‚’

There is a total of 18 texts associated with ‘P–³ˆΨ in this database:

Texts associated with ‘P–³ˆΨ are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T18N0848 ‘ε”ωαΈŽΥ“ί¬˜Ε_Μ‰ΑŽγS
  2. T18N0851 ‘ε”ωαΈŽΥ“ίγSœA‘ε‹V‹O
  3. T18N0877 ‹ΰ„’ΈγS”ωαΈŽΥ“ίˆκ•S”ͺ‘Έ–@gŒ_ˆσ
  4. T18N0894 ‘hŽ»’nγΉ—…‹Ÿ—{–@
  5. T18N0905 ŽOŽνŽ»’n”j’n–ηz‹ΖαoŽOŠEβO–§‘Ι—…“ς–@
  6. T18N0906 ˜Ε’Έ‘ΈŸS”j’n–ηz‹ΖαoŽOŠEβO–§ŽOg˜Ε‰ΚŽOŽνŽ»’n^ŒΎ‹V‹O
  7. T18N0907 ˜Ε’Έ‘ΈŸS”j’n–ηz‹ΖαoŽOŠEβO–§‘Ι—…“ς
  8. T19N0973 ‘ΈŸ˜Ε’Έγωΰο‰Ύ–@‹V‹O
  9. T19N1028B “ΆŽqγS”OζuγS
  10. T20N1068 ηŽθζV‰Ή‘’ŽŸ‘ζ–@‹V‹O
  11. T20N1078 Ž΅˜Ε‹δγρ˜Ε•κS‘εy’ρ‘Ι—…“ς–@
  12. T20N1079 Ž΅‹δγρΰΥ•”–@
  13. T20N1141 ŽœŽ•μŽF—ͺC–ϊc3-4964”Oζu–@
  14. T20N1145 ‹•‹σεU•μŽF”\Ÿή”ŠθΕŸS‘Ι—…“ς‹•·Ž–@
  15. T21N1239 ˆ’c0-a65c”–‹δŒ³ƒ‘ε›’γ˜Ε‘Ι—…“ςγSCs‹V‹O
  16. T21N1270 ‘吹ŸcŠμ™Τg‘εŽ©έ“V”ω“ί–ι‰ή‰€ŸdˆΛ”Oζu‹Ÿ—{–@
  17. T21N1286 Œ˜˜S’n“V‹V‹O
  18. Z0030403 Ž΅˜Ε‹δ’κ˜Ε•κS‘叀’ρ‘Ι—…“ς–@

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