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Texts associated with 那連提耶舍

那連提耶舍 na3 lian2 ti2 ye1 she4 なれんだいやしゃ

There is a total of 11 texts associated with 那連提耶舍 in this database:

Texts associated with 那連提耶舍 are known in the following periods/areas:
高齊 曹魏  

  1. T12N0380 大悲經
  2. T12N0386 蓮華面經
  3. T14N0444 佛説百佛名經
  4. T14N0545 佛説悳護長者經
  5. T14N0574 佛説堅固女經
  6. T15N0639 月燈三昧經
  7. T15N0647 力莊嚴三昧經
  8. T16N0702 佛説施燈功悳經
  9. T17N0818 大莊嚴法門經
  10. T19N0991 大雲輪請雨經
  11. T28N1551 阿毘曇心論經

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