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Texts associated with ’n”kζd—…

’n”kζd—… di4 po2 he1 luo2 ‚Ά‚Ξ‚©‚η

There is a total of 19 texts associated with ’n”kζd—… in this database:

Texts associated with ’n”kζd—… are known in the following periods/areas:
Όη “‚ 

  1. T03N0187 •ϋœA‘ε䡚ŽγS
  2. T10N0295 ‘ε•ϋœA˜Ε‰ΨšŽγS“ό–@ŠE•i
  3. T12N0347 ‘ε˜©θϋŽ―γS
  4. T16N0661 ‘ε˜©•S•Ÿ‘ŠγS
  5. T16N0662 ‘ε˜©•S•Ÿδ΅šŽ‘ŠγS
  6. T16N0674 ζšŒ_‘ε˜©γS
  7. T16N0681 ‘ε˜©–§šŽγS
  8. T16N0699 ˜Εΰ‘’“ƒŒχœ{γS
  9. T17N0772 ‘ε˜©Žl–@γS
  10. T17N0773 ˜Εΰ•μŽFCsŽl–@γS
  11. T17N0829 ‘ε˜©—£•ΆŽš•Œυ–ΎεUγS
  12. T17N0830 ‘ε˜©•ΥΖŒυ–ΎεU–³Žš–@–εγS
  13. T17N0836 ‘ε•ϋœAŽtŽq™αγS
  14. T19N0969 ˜Ε’ΈΕŸ‘Ι—…“ςγS
  15. T19N0970 ΕŸ˜Ε’Έ‘Ι—…“ςŸΔœ‹ΖαŽτγS
  16. T20N1077 ˜ΕΰŽ΅‹δγρ˜Ε•κS‘εy’ρ‘Ι—…“ςγS
  17. T21N1338 ŽτŽOŽργS
  18. T25N1515 ‹ΰ„”ΚŽα”g—…–¨γS”jŽζ’˜•sšΣ˜ο–Ό˜_
  19. T31N1613 ‘ε˜©œAŒάε]˜_

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