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Texts associated with 求那跋陀羅

求那跋陀羅 qiu2 na3 ba2 tuo2 luo2 ぐなばっだら

There is a total of 28 texts associated with 求那跋陀羅 in this database:

Texts associated with 求那跋陀羅 are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T01N0090 佛説c0-ef40摩肅經
  2. T02N0099 雜阿含經
  3. T02N0120 央掘魔羅經
  4. T02N0127 佛説四人出現世間經
  5. T02N0138 佛説十一想思念如來經
  6. T02N0141 佛説阿c0-e853達經
  7. T03N0177 佛説大意經
  8. T03N0189 過去現在因果經
  9. T09N0270 大法鼓經
  10. T09N0271 佛説菩薩行方便境界神通變化經
  11. T12N0353 勝鬘師子吼一乘大方便方廣經
  12. T12N0368 拔一切業障根本得生淨土神呪
  13. T12N0368A 阿彌陀經不思議神力傳
  14. T14N0462 大方廣寶篋經
  15. T14N0497 佛説摩訶迦葉度貧母經
  16. T14N0536 申日兒本經
  17. T14N0540 佛説樹提伽經
  18. T14N0560 佛説老母女六英經
  19. T16N0670 楞伽阿跋多羅寶經
  20. T16N0678 相續解脱地波羅蜜了義經
  21. T16N0679 相續解脱如來所作隨順處了義經
  22. T17N0747 佛説罪福報應經
  23. T17N0753 十二品生死經
  24. T17N0771 四品學法經
  25. T17N0783 佛説十二頭陀經
  26. T19N1013 阿難陀目c0-ca5d尼呵離陀經
  27. T26N1541 衆事分阿毘曇論
  28. T32N1690 賓頭盧突羅闍為優陀延王説法經

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