Universitetet i Oslo

Digital Resources and Text Markup in Humanistic Studies

Table of contents

1. Introduction


A general introduction to the course, Digital Humanities etc. Among other things we will look at a video by Michael Wesch about digital text.

2. More about Digital Humanities, Modelling

[2009-09-07], [2009-09-09]

A closer look at the Digital Humanist and his activities.

Presentation file for modelling

More references:

3. Technological Foundations: Character encoding, SGML/HTML/XML

[2009-09-14], [2009-09-16], [2009-09-21], [2009-09-23]

Presentation file for character encoding

Presentation file for introduction to markup

Introduction to XML (TEI @ Oxford)

Presentation file for XML schema

More references:

4. Text Encoding

[2009-10-12], [2009-10-14]
More references:

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