Some tools to use with the CBETA Chinese Electronic Tripitaka Collection

Search plugins

Important: Plugins for Internet Explorer 7 are here!

The CBETA (Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association) produces highly reliable digital collection of Buddhist texts, available for download and online. There are several options for searching the collection, at CBETA's own Google powered search page, but also the Concordance tool (still in beta) at the Dharma Drum Buddhist College.

Nevertheless, it seems more convenient to me to directly search the collections, without first visiting the Homepage. In Firefox , this is possible with socalled search plugins, which can be added to the search box in the upper right corner of the browser window. I have created three such plugins, to perform searches on the CBETA collection, as follows:

All of these plugins can be added by by clicking on the icon to the left of the search input box and clicking on one of the lines as the bottom, such as Add "CBETA (ALL)":

add a search plugin to firefox

This will add the plugin to the browser window and immediately activate it for use. The active plugin can than simply be changed by clicking on one of the other icons in the dropdown list.

It should be noted that not all of the options that are available on the CBETA search page are implemented here, but some of them are easy to emulate. To limit the search to a certain volume, for example, it is enough to add the shortcut of that volume to the search; all occurrences of 菩薩 in Taishō 51 can thus be retrieved by entering 'T51 菩薩' in the box as shown here:

search for T51 菩薩

Plugin for SAT Daizōkyō text database

Thanks to a hint by Iyanaga Nobumi, I realized that the same kind of plugin can also be created for the SAT Daizōkyō text database, which seems easier than editing the location bar for new searches. So now, there should be an additional search plugin for the texts at SAT.

By Christian Wittern
Created 2008-12-12
Last changed 2008-12-19.