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Div. Authors Periods Taisho (Nr. Vol.) Trip.Kor. (Nr. Vol.) ’†‰Ψ (Nr. Vol.) ™Β Nanjio Other

T28N1549 ‘Έ”k{–¨•μŽFŠW˜_

zun1 po2 xu1 mi4 pu2 sa4 suo3 ji2 lun4


”ω“ά•”  •„` 
‘Έ”k{–¨ zun1 po2 xu1 mi4 ‚»‚ρ‚Ξ‚΅‚γ‚έ‚Β
‘m‰Ύζ됟 seng1 jia1 ba2 cheng2 ‚»‚€‚¬‚α‚Ξ‚Α‚Ώ‚ε‚€  [“™ζ‘]   10 Šͺ

Canonical Sources

CanonVol.Nr.PageSource Texts
’†‰Ψ048H10480781-0951 ‚—νδh–{ ‹ΰδhœAŸŽ›–{
Otherk-εU1,™Β-25.5-6,š -”ω6

Structural Division

  1. γΪ&C0-DEA5;“x ju4 jian1 du4
  2. Sc0-dea5“x xin1 jian1 du4
  3. ŽO–†c0-dea5“x san1 mei4 jian1 du4
  4. “Vc0-dea5“x tian1 jian1 du4
  5. Žl‘εc0-dea5“x si4 da4 jian1 du4
  6. Œ_γSc0-dea5“x xie4 jing1 jian1 du4
  7. XžΩc0-dea5“x geng1 le4 jian1 du4
  8. Œ‹Žgc0-dea5“x jie2 shi3 jian1 du4
  9. sc0-dea5“x xing2 jian1 du4
  10. ’qc0-dea5“x zhi4 jian1 du4
  11. Œ©c0-dea5“x jian4 jian1 du4
  12. ͺc0-dea5“x gen1 jian1 du4
  13. ˆκΨ—Lc0-dea5“x yi1 qie4 you3 jian1 du4
  14. ˜σc0-dea5“x ji4 jian1 du4

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