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T18N0896 –­δ]•μŽFŠ–βγS

miao4 bi4 pu2 sa4 suo3 wen4 jing1


–§‹³•”  ‘v 
–@“V fa3 tian1 ‚Ω‚€‚Δ‚ρ  [ζ‘]   4 Šͺ

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’†‰Ψ064H12620160-0186 ‚—νδh–{

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  1. T18N0895 ‘h”kŒΔ“ΆŽqΏ–βγS

Structural Division

  1. “ΎŸŽt•”Ό‘¬ŠlŽ»’n•ͺ de2 sheng4 shi1 zhu4 ban4 su4 huo4 xi1 di4 fen1
  2. ‘I‹Ÿ™|•ͺ xuan3 qiu2 sheng4 chu3 fen1
  3. •ͺ•ΚΙŽμŽS—£α•ͺ fen1 bie2 shu3 zhu1 chi2 xin1 li2 zhang4 fen1
  4. ΰ‹ΰ„‹n•p“ί–ι‰ή•ͺ shuo1 jin1 gang1 chu3 pin2 na3 ye4 jia1 fen1
  5. •ͺ•ΚŽ»’n‘Š•ͺ fen1 bie2 xi1 di4 xiang4 fen1
  6. ’m‹ίŽ»’n•ͺ zhi1 jin4 xi1 di4 fen1
  7. ΰ¬A•ͺ shuo1 cheng2 jiu4 fen1
  8. ’Ώ”«“VΰŽ–•ͺ zhao4 qing3 bo1 tian1 shuo1 shi4 fen1
  9. ΰ”ŽΥ“ο•ͺ shuo1 zhu1 zhe1 nan2 fen1
  10. ΰŸ“Ή•ͺ shuo1 sheng4 dao4 fen1
  11. •ͺ•Κ”•”•ͺ fen1 bie2 zhu1 bu4 fen1
  12. ΰ”ͺ–@•ͺ shuo1 ba1 fa3 fen1

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