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T14N0441 佛説佛名經

fo2 shuo1 fo2 ming2 jing1


Alternative title: 寶達菩薩問報應沙門經  bao3 da2 pu2 sa4 wen4 bao4 ying1 sha1 men2 jing1

經集部      30 巻

Canonical Sources

CanonVol.Nr.PageSource Texts
中華069H16340235-0415 高麗臧本

Structural Division

  1. 大乘蓮華寶達問答報應沙門經 da4 cheng2 lian2 hua1 bao3 da2 wen4 da2 bao4 ying1 sha1 men2 jing1
  2. 佛説罪業報應教化地獄經 fo2 shuo1 zui4 ye4 bao4 ying1 jiao4 hua4 di4 yu4 jing1

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