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Authors (Translators, Commentators etc.) #2

This list allows access to the texts by author. The order is by number of texts attributed to this author, in descending order.

The table gives the name, Chinese reading (Pinyin) and the number of texts

Author Reading Number of texts
ˆòŠ¬ yun3 kan1 7
–@¬ fa3 cheng2 7
Žx—j zhi1 yao4 7
˜Å‘É–ëäq fo2 tuo2 ye1 she4 6
^‰Â zhen1 ke3 6
ŒdŠÈ hui4 jian3 6
“Ü–€–š‘œ tan2 mo2 mi4 duo1 6
’Ê—e tong1 rong2 6
”ù–Ú’qå pi2 mu4 zhi4 xian1 6
’q™V zhi4 yan3 6
ŒdŽv hui4 si1 6
’“ߕìŽF chen2 na3 pu2 sa4 6
‘ŸŒ« tai4 xian2 6
“ÜžD tan2 kuang4 6
^‹» zhen1 xing1 6
‚ç‡ gao1 bian4 5
‘PŽì shan4 zhu1 5
“¹Œ³ dao4 yuan2 5
àðŽRÐàõ ying2 shan1 shao4 jin3 5
™¹Ž¡ xu2 chang1 zhi4 5
Œ_“ xie4 song1 5
’ʏ tong1 run4 5
•æV pu3 guan1 5
ŽüŽ•œ zhou1 ke4 fu4 5
sô xing2 ce4 5
H•zž•z gong1 bu4 cha2 bu4 5
¹—…”b sha1 luo2 ba1 5
ŒdŸÄ hui4 jing4 5
”’–@‘c bai2 fa3 zu3 5
‘P“± shan4 dao3 5
N–ÐÚ kang1 meng4 xiang2 5
Žçç shou3 qian1 5
Žqc0-c27b zi3 xuan2 5
ŽœŒ« ci2 xian2 5
’qž zhi4 sheng1 5
‘m‰Ÿæ떀 seng1 jia1 ba2 mo2 5
‘‹Ê shu1 yu4 5
œ\èӕìŽF mi2 le4 pu2 sa4 5
ãᓹ^ nie4 dao4 zhen1 5
ˆÒŸÄ wei2 jing4 5
‹g‰Þ–é ji2 jia1 ye4 5
mŠx ren2 yue4 5
ŒÃ›À gu3 kun1 4
Œì–@•ìŽF hu4 fa3 pu2 sa4 4
ŠC‰_ hai3 yun2 4
‘m”£ seng1 zhao4 4
Žt˜ð shi1 hui4 4
Œd^ hui4 hong2 4
œÛ‹» jing3 xing1 4
š¢Ÿ yuan2 cheng2 4
’B–‹ˆ‘œ da2 mo2 ji2 duo1 4
Šs‹Ã”V guo1 ning2 zhi1 4
•ì’ñ’B– pu2 ti2 da2 mo2 4
—›’ÊŒº li3 tong1 xuan2 4
“Üêa tan2 luan2 4
’q’Ê zhi4 tong1 4
’mæc zhi1 ne4 4
‹ˆ‘œ ji2 duo1 4
’ñ”k•ìŽF ti2 po2 pu2 sa4 4
‘åˆæ—Ž•ìŽF da4 yu4 long2 pu2 sa4 4
“¹‘× dao4 tai4 4
Œê•—š¢M yu3 feng1 yuan2 xin4 4
æS”@@º jue2 ru2 zong1 zhao1 4
‘\–P‹V zeng1 feng4 yi2 4
sæVæS—Z xing2 guan1 jue2 rong2 4
Åc0-d041 jiao1 hong2 4
s•q xing2 min3 4
Ÿîc0-dec4 pu3 wan3 4
‹Ï”@ jun1 ru2 4
²•œ qi1 fu4 3
^‹M zhen1 gui4 3
҆ϊ tan2 ying1 3
æ€é“ du2 ti3 3
š¢‘ª yuan2 ce4 3
Œd—Ô hui4 lin2 3
sŸÞ xing2 man3 3
ŒŽ”kŽñ“ß yue4 po2 shou3 na3 3
ˆ¢Ž¿’BèÅ a1 zhi4 da2 xian4 3
“¹’‰ dao4 zhong1 3
’B–€‹ˆ‘œ da2 mo2 ji2 duo1 3
—LšŽ you3 yan2 3
‘žŽÒ¢—F zun1 zhe3 shi4 you3 3
ˆÒ”’ wei2 bai2 3
™Ö‘É—…å man4 tuo2 luo2 xian1 3
–@—§ fa3 li4 3
Ž±—¥‰Š zhu2 lü4 yan2 3
œå‘f huai2 su4 3
“¹’Ê dao4 tong1 3
–@Æ fa3 zhao4 3
‘Pà” shan4 xi1 3
«“ xing4 tong3 3
åè‹x pei2 xiu1 3
”g—…œ–š‘œ—… bo1 luo2 po3 mi4 duo1 luo2 3
‘m‰Ÿæ됟 seng1 jia1 ba2 cheng2 3
“Ü—j tan2 yao4 3
”@c3-266e ru2 qi3 3
ˆÀŒd•ìŽF an1 hui4 pu2 sa4 3
ˆ¢æ•‰Ÿ a1 mo2 jia1 3
–@‘S fa3 quan2 3
Žçˆê shou3 yi1 3
š¢Æ yuan2 zhao4 3

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