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Texts associated with –ๅlŽ˜Žาy›‰m@•ถ–@Š๏Ž็œรs—C—นŒณ‘P”VŸฤๆš–@œnะเ•เ๖•ถเ…Ÿฤ•šŒds•ถŒชณˆ๖–@‰ถœ{‹I‰ย”\ŽŽuๆS‘ทˆาN@˜a”@Ž~—L’qŒd‰_ŽแMz

–ๅlŽ˜Žาy›‰m@•ถ–@Š๏Ž็œรs—C—นŒณ‘P”VŸฤๆš–@œnะเ•เ๖•ถเ…Ÿฤ•šŒds•ถŒชณˆ๖–@‰ถœ{‹I‰ย”\ŽŽuๆS‘ทˆาN@˜a”@Ž~—L’qŒd‰_ŽแMz men2 ren2 zhe3 zhe3 shi2 ren2 zong1 wen2 fa3 qi2 shou3 yuan4 xing2 you4 liao3 yuan2 shan4 zhi1 jing4 zheng4 fa3 cong2 shao4 xun1 pu3 zhang1 wen2 huan4 jing4 fu2 hui4 xing2 wen2 qian1 zheng4 yin1 fa3 en1 de2 ji4 ke3 neng2 chi2 zhi4 jue2 sun1 wei2 kang1 zong1 he2 ru2 zhi3 you3 zhi4 hui4 yun2 zang4 zhou1

There is one text connected with –ๅlŽ˜Žาy›‰m@•ถ–@Š๏Ž็œรs—C—นŒณ‘P”VŸฤๆš–@œnะเ•เ๖•ถเ…Ÿฤ•šŒds•ถŒชณˆ๖–@‰ถœ{‹I‰ย”\ŽŽuๆS‘ทˆาN@˜a”@Ž~—L’qŒd‰_ŽแMz in this database:

  1. Z1210348 ŸฬŠCŒด”ฃโWŽtŒ๊˜^

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