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Texts associated with ‰„šζ

‰„šζ yan2 shou4 ‚¦‚ρ‚Ά‚γ

There is a total of 10 texts associated with ‰„šζ in this database:

Texts associated with ‰„šζ are known in the following periods/areas:
‚—ν ‘v “‚ 

  1. T48N2016 @‹Ύ˜^
  2. T48N2017 δέ‘P“―ŸdW
  3. T48N2018 ‰i–Ύ’qζSβWŽt—BSŒ
  4. Z1050016 Žσ•μŽF‰ϊ–@
  5. Z1100964 ’θŒd‘ŠŽ‘‰Μ
  6. Z1100965 Œx’
  7. Z1110001 S•Š’
  8. Z1140847 ζVSŒΊžβ ˆκ
  9. Z1280111 ŽOŽžŒq”O˜ΕŽ–
  10. Z1280122 ŽOŽžŒq”O‹V”Ν

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