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Texts associated with ’qŽό

’qŽό zhi4 zhou1 ‚Ώ‚΅‚γ‚€

There is a total of 10 texts associated with ’qŽό in this database:

Texts associated with ’qŽό are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T43N1833 ¬—BŽ―˜_‰‰βO
  2. T45N1864 ‘ε˜©“ό“ΉŽŸ‘ζ
  3. Z0530035 –@‰ΨγSŒΊζӝηΧ
  4. Z0780100 ¬—BŽ―˜_Ά’†žβ—v‹L ’AŒ»‘Ά
  5. Z0780409 ¬—BŽ―˜_—Ή‹`“•‹L ’AŒ»‘Ά
  6. Z0790899 ’¬—BŽ―˜_ \Ž΅
  7. Z0860893 ˆφ–Ύ“ό³—˜_‘`‘O‹L
  8. Z0870001 ˆφ–Ύ“ό³—˜_‘`Œγ‹L ‰Ί
  9. Z0870057 ˆφ–Ύ“ό³—˜_‘`΄—ͺ‹L
  10. Z0980083 ‘ε˜©–@‰‘‹`—ΡΝŒˆ’‹L

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