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Texts associated with c0-dbc8G

c0-dbc8G zhu1 hong2 ‚΅‚γ‚±‚€

There is a total of 19 texts associated with c0-dbc8G in this database:

Texts associated with c0-dbc8G are known in the following periods/areas:
“‚ –Ύ 

  1. T40N1820 ˜Εˆβ‹³γS˜_‘`ί—v
  2. T47N1977 ŸΔ“y‹^η‡
  3. T48N2024 βW萍τi
  4. T51N2072 ‰ΆW
  5. Z0190001 žΏšŽγS–̏ۋL •”γS
  6. Z0330326 ˆ’œ\‘ΙγS‘`ηβ
  7. Z0330492 ˆ’œ\‘ΙγS‘`ηβŽ–‹`
  8. Z0330512 ˆ’œ\‘ΙγS‘`ηβ–βη‡ •γ”–β“š
  9. Z0590647 ž–Τ•μŽF‰ϊγS‹`‘`α’θͺ –”
  10. Z0590823 ž–Τ•μŽF‰ϊγS‹`‘`α’θͺŽ–‹`
  11. Z0590845 ž–Τ•μŽF‰ϊγS‹`‘`α’θͺ–βη‡ •Ž–‹`
  12. Z1040792 ΰο‰ΎW—vŽ{H‹V‹O
  13. Z1040830 Cέΰο‰ΎW—vŽ{H’d‹V’
  14. Z1080383 “šŸΔ“yŽl\”ͺ–β
  15. Z1080403 Ό•ϋŠθ•Ά‰π
  16. Z1340480 γ”•—ѐΌŒΞ‚‘mŽ–—ͺ
  17. Z1340567 ‰ΨšŽγSŠ΄œδ—ͺ‹L •™|˜πš€
  18. Z1440403 c–Ύ–Ό‘mS—ͺ o‰_±–@œb‘ζ\Ž΅
  19. Z1480799 γ]–吒s˜^

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