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Texts associated with ŒdÀ

ŒdÀ hui4 zhao3 ‚¦‚µ‚傤

There is a total of 9 texts associated with ŒdÀ in this database:

Texts associated with ŒdÀ are known in the following periods/areas:
‘v “‚ 

  1. T34N1724 –@‰ØŒºæӋ`Œˆ
  2. T39N1788 ‹àŒõ–¾ÅŸ‰¤ãS‘`
  3. T39N1802 \ˆê–ʐ_ŽôSãS‹`‘`
  4. T44N1841 ˆö–¾‹`Ð
  5. T44N1842 ˆö–¾“ü³—˜_‹`Ž[—v
  6. T45N1862 ™®á¢•ì’ñSW
  7. T45N1863 ”\èû’†ç²Œd“ú˜_
  8. Z0860869 ˆö–¾“ü³—˜_㔑`‰º ’A˜Ã
  9. Z0980001 ‘嘩–@‰‘‹`—я͕âè ŽlCŽµ‹y”ª

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