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Texts associated with ’X‘R

’X‘R zhan4 ran2 ‚½‚ρ‚Λ‚ρ

There is a total of 15 texts associated with ’X‘R in this database:

Texts associated with ’X‘R are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T33N1717 –@‰ΨŒΊ‹`ηΧβά
  2. T34N1719 –@‰Ψ•Ά‹ε‹L
  3. T36N1742 ‘ε•ϋœA˜Ε‰ΨšŽγSŠθsζV–εœ–Ϊ
  4. T46N1912 Ž~ζV•γs™BOŒˆ
  5. T46N1913 Ž~ζV‹`—α
  6. T46N1914 Ž~ζV‘εˆΣ
  7. T46N1927 \•s“ρ–ε
  8. T46N1932 ‹ΰ„c0-ebed
  9. T46N1942 –@‰ΨŽO–†sŽ–‰^‘z•β•‹V
  10. Z0280719 ˆΫ–€γS‘`‹L (ŸΔ–Ό‘`“ρ\”ͺ
  11. Z0430187 –@‰ΨγS‘εˆΣ
  12. Z0430223 –@‰ΨŽO‘ε•”‰Θ•Ά
  13. Z0990221 –€ζdŽ~ζV•γsr—v‹L
  14. Z1000666 –@‰ΨŒά•S–β˜_
  15. Z1050010 Žφ•μŽF‰ϊ‹V

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