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Texts associated with ‹à„’q

‹à„’q jin1 gang1 zhi4 ‚±‚ñ‚²‚¤‚¿

There is a total of 24 texts associated with ‹à„’q in this database:

Texts associated with ‹à„’q are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T08N0241 ‹à„’¸à—Žï”ÊŽáãS
  2. T18N0866 ‹à„’¸à’†—ªo”OæuãS
  3. T18N0867 ‹à„•õžêŠtˆêØààï‹_ãS
  4. T18N0876 ‹à„’¸ãSàCK”ùḎՓߎO–€’n–@
  5. T18N0904 ”OæuŒ‹Œì–@•’ʏ”•”
  6. T19N0923 åZŽt”@˜ÒæVs‹V‹O–@
  7. T19N0932 ‹à„’¸ãSàæVŽ©Ý‰¤”@˜ÒCs–@
  8. T19N0980 ‘叟‹à„˜Å’¸”Oæu‹V‹O
  9. T20N1061 çŽèçŠáæV¢‰¹•ìŽFœA‘嚢ŸÞ–³âG‘å”ߐS‘É—…“òŽô–{
  10. T20N1062A çŽèçŠáæV¢‰¹•ìŽF‘ågŽô–{
  11. T20N1075 ˜ÅàŽµ‹äãñ˜Å•êy’ñ‘å–¾‘É—…“òãS
  12. T20N1087 æVŽ©Ý”@ˆÓ—Ö•ìŽFà–@—v
  13. T20N1112 ‹à„’¸àÂŒz‘å”߉¤æVŽ©Ý”Oæu‹V‹O
  14. T20N1149 ŒÜ‘å‹•‹óåU•ìŽF‘¬Ž¾‘å_é„âO–§Ž®ãS
  15. T20N1166 ”n–•ìŽF‘å_—Í–³”ä鄖@”Oæu‹V‹O
  16. T20N1173 ‹à„’¸ãS™ÖŽêŽº—˜•ìŽFŒÜŽšS‘É—…“ò•i
  17. T21N1202 •s“®ŽgŽÒ‘É—…“òâO–§–@
  18. T21N1208 ‹ä—͉ޗ…—´‰¤‹V‹O
  19. T21N1220 ‹à„åZ³áѓ{‰¤‘§Ð‘åˆÐ_鄔Oæu‹V‹O
  20. T21N1223 ˜Åà–³—Êšæ˜Å‰»g‘åœ|v‹ä–€—…‹à„”Oæuà‹V‹O–@
  21. T21N1251 ™Ý‰Þ‘É–ì‹V‹O
  22. T21N1269 ˜Åà‹àF‰Þ“ß”«’ê‘É—…“òãS
  23. T21N1293 ”ÊŽáŽçŒì\˜Z‘P_‰¤Œ`é“
  24. T21N1305 –k“lŽµ¯”Oæu‹V‹O

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