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Texts associated with 沮渠京聲

沮渠京聲 ju1 qu2 jing1 sheng1 そきょきょうせい

There is a total of 16 texts associated with 沮渠京聲 in this database:

Texts associated with 沮渠京聲 are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T01N0089 佛説八關齋經
  2. T14N0452 佛説觀彌勒菩薩上生兜率天經
  3. T14N0512 佛説淨飯王般涅槃經
  4. T14N0514 佛説諌王經
  5. T14N0517 佛説末羅王經
  6. T14N0518 佛説旃陀越國王經
  7. T14N0519 佛説摩達國王經
  8. T14N0541 佛説佛大僧大經
  9. T14N0542 佛説耶祇經
  10. T15N0620 治禪病祕要法
  11. T17N0751 佛説五無反復經
  12. T17N0752 佛説五無返復經
  13. T17N0798 佛説進學經
  14. T17N0826 弟子死復生經
  15. T24N1469 佛説迦葉禁戒經
  16. T24N1481 佛説五恐怖世經

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