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Texts associated with –@ΰx

–@ΰx fa3 ju4 ‚Ω‚€‚±

There is a total of 27 texts associated with –@ΰx in this database:

Texts associated with –@ΰx are known in the following periods/areas:
Žό Όη 

  1. T01N0023 ‘εžκ’YγS
  2. T01N0033 ˜Εΰœ‘…γS
  3. T01N0034 –@ŠCγS
  4. T01N0039 ˜Εΰ’ΈΆ‰€ŒΜŽ–γS
  5. T01N0049 ˜Εΰ‹—~γS
  6. T01N0055 ˜Εΰ‹κ‰AˆφŽ–γS
  7. T01N0064 ˜ΕΰαΫ”k”δ‹uγS
  8. T01N0065 ˜Εΰ•š›TγS
  9. T01N0070 ˜ΕΰΙγS
  10. T02N0111 ˜Εΰ‘Šœδ‘Š‰ΒγS
  11. T02N0113 ˜Εΰ“ο’ρηΧγS
  12. T02N0119 ˜Εΰιρ›ΏιŸγS
  13. T02N0122 ˜Εΰ”gŽz“½‰€‘Ύ@•φo“yc0-caacgγS
  14. T02N0133 •p”ω”k—…‰€Œw˜Ε‹Ÿ—{γS
  15. T03N0178 ‘O’ŽOηzγS
  16. T04N0211 –@‹ε栚gγS
  17. T04N0215 ˜ΕΰŒQ‹ζ γS
  18. T12N0332 ˜Εΰ—D“U‰€γS
  19. T14N0500 —…‰]”EJγS
  20. T14N0501 ˜ΕΰΉžJ”δ‹uŒχœ{γS
  21. T14N0502 ˜ΕˆΧ”N­”δ‹uΰ³Ž–γS
  22. T14N0503 ”δ‹u”π—œ¦–Ό—~Ž©ŽEγS
  23. T14N0508 ˆ’苐’‰€–βŒά‹tγS
  24. T14N0509 ˆ’苐’‰€ŽφŒˆγS
  25. T16N0683 ˜Εΰ”œ{•Ÿ“cγS
  26. T16N0695 ˜ΕΰŸστ˜ΕŒ`‘œγS
  27. T17N0739 ˜Εΰ––@γS

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