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Texts associated with 竺曇無蘭

竺曇無蘭 zhu2 tan2 wu2 lan2 じくどんむらん

There is a total of 26 texts associated with 竺曇無蘭 in this database:

Texts associated with 竺曇無蘭 are known in the following periods/areas:
西晉 東晉 

  1. T01N0022 佛説寂志果經
  2. T01N0042 佛説鐵城泥犁經
  3. T01N0058 佛説阿耨風經
  4. T01N0062 佛説新歳經
  5. T01N0071 梵志c0-e8b6波羅延問種尊經
  6. T01N0086 佛説泥犁經
  7. T02N0106 佛説水沫所漂經
  8. T02N0116 佛説戒悳香經
  9. T02N0139 佛説四泥犁經
  10. T02N0143 玉耶經
  11. T02N0148 國王不梨先泥十夢經
  12. T04N0216 佛説大魚事經
  13. T12N0393 迦葉赴佛般涅槃經
  14. T14N0494 阿難七夢經
  15. T14N0504 比丘聽施經
  16. T14N0510 採花違王上佛授決號妙花經
  17. T14N0538 佛説呵雕阿那c0-e8a2
  18. T17N0741 五苦章句經
  19. T17N0742 佛説自愛經
  20. T17N0743 佛説忠心經
  21. T17N0796 佛説見正經
  22. T21N1327 佛説呪齒經
  23. T21N1352 佛説陀隣尼鉢經
  24. T21N1378A 佛説玄師c4-4857陀所説神呪經
  25. T21N1378B 佛説玄師c4-4857陀神呪經
  26. T21N1393 佛説摩尼羅亶經

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