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Texts associated with 真諦

真諦 zhen1 di4

There is a total of 32 texts associated with 真諦 in this database:

Texts associated with 真諦 are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T01N0097 廣義法門經
  2. T08N0237 金剛般若波羅蜜經
  3. T16N0669 佛說無上依經
  4. T16N0677 佛說解節經
  5. T24N1461 律二十二明了論
  6. T24N1482 佛阿毘曇經
  7. T26N1528 涅槃經本有今無偈論
  8. T26N1529 遺教經論
  9. T29N1559 阿毘達磨俱舍釋論
  10. T30N1584 決定藏論
  11. T31N1587 轉識論
  12. T31N1589 大乘唯識論
  13. T31N1593 攝大乘論
  14. T31N1595 攝大乘論釋
  15. T31N1599 中邊分別論
  16. T31N1610 佛性論
  17. T31N1616 十八空論
  18. T31N1617 三無性論
  19. T31N1618 顯識論
  20. T31N1619 無相思塵論
  21. T31N1620 解捲論
  22. T32N1633 如實論 反質難品
  23. T32N1641 隨相論
  24. T32N1644 佛說立世阿毘曇論
  25. T32N1647 四諦論
  26. T32N1656 寶行王正論
  27. T32N1666 大乘起信論
  28. T32N1669 大宗地玄文本論
  29. T49N2032 十八部論
  30. T49N2033 部執異論
  31. T50N2049 婆藪槃豆法師傳
  32. T54N2137 金七十論

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